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A display of antique mirrors representing Key Music Therapy's work in long-term care.

Full Day Contracts: Long-Term and Complex Continuing Care

Toronto and Surrounding Area

A stack of music therapy and psychotherapy textbooks.

Clinical Supervision: Music Therapy Internship

Supervisory Credentials for Qualifying Therapists (CAMT & CRPO)

Door to therapy room propped open to reveal two chairs to represent therapy services offered by KMT.

Private Music Therapy & Psychotherapy

Online and In-person 

Full Day Contracts

Full Day Contracts

On-going, full day contracts provide the most affordable option for contracting facilities and allow the therapist to become a present and flexible member of the health care team. 

Mission Statement

Key Music Therapy was developed to:

•  Create work opportunities for Music Therapists in Toronto and surrounding area.

•  Standardize programs and procedures to facilitate the development of music therapy in long term care and hospitals. 

•  Grow as a company which seeks to understand the most efficient and effective means of providing music therapy services in long term and complex continuing care.

Key Music Therapy has managed the hiring, placement and supervision of Music Therapists in long term care homes and hospitals for 24 years. As Director of the company, I will organize all aspects of the service including hiring, placement, invoicing and contracts. I provide a complete documentation package, program statistics, and outcome measurements. I ensure therapists complete all on-boarding 

requirements such as health screening, professional liability insurance and police checks with vulnerable sector screening. I will work closely with you to determine and meet the unique needs of your client population. If at any point your therapist moves on, I will quickly step in to provide another qualified Music Therapist, and coordinate a smooth transition. With Key Music Therapy you can count on on-going, valued programs and initiatives, and dependable, responsive service. As an Adminstrator or Program Manager you can reach out to me at any time to address concerns related to your music therapy program. I am here to help!

Please contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss the specific needs of your program or facility. 

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

I have provided supervision to over 40 music therapy undergraduate and Masters level interns and psychotherapy students since 2001. Clinical supervision can be tailored to your learning needs and requirements of your regulatory body. 

Supervisory Credentials

Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO, #003315)

Music Therapist Accredited, Canadian Association for Music Therapists (CAMT #0165)

Supervisor Training

Clinical Supervision and Consultation Practicum (Doctoral level, OISE, U of T, 2019-2020)

Internship Supervisor Training (CAMT, 2005)

Please contact me to inquire about clinical supervision or internship opportunities.

Private Music Therapy & Psychotherapy

Private Music Therapy & Psychotherapy

Private Music Therapy

I have limited availability for private music therapy with children and adults with acquired brain injury. My experience dates back to 1996, when I worked almost exclusively with agencies serving clients with traumatic brain injury (e.g. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Inc., Columbia Neuro-Rehabilitation Inc.). My interest and experience with this client population has been continuous through my private work and 20 years as Music Therapist at Bridgepoint hospital (currently Sinai Health System, Bridgepoint site). 


Psychotherapy/ Counselling 

I provide in-person and online counselling to individuals within a client-centred, relational, emotion-focused, and psychodynamic framework. I have experience with clients diverse in age, race, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity and functioning ability. I will help you make positive changes, manage anxiety and depression, work through loss and grief, develop coping strategies and improve your emotional resilience, relationships, personal experience and perspective. No matter what you are struggling with or hoping to achieve, I will provide a safe and non-judgemental space where you can speak freely about your feelings and experiences.

Please contact me for more information.

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